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A driving force for positive change

Together, we can turn the travel industry into a driving force for positive social and environmental change and help realize the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Meet the Goodwings team

Get to know more about our management, board and (coming soon!) the rest of the team who all help make Goodwings tick

Meet the team

Meet our nonprofit partners

Every one of our nonprofit partners works towards one or more of the SDGs. Find one to support for free with every hotel booking you make

Meet our partners

We’re B Corp certified

We’re proud to be part of a global movement of companies who believe that businesses should be held accountable for their impact on both their bottom line and our planet

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The problem

People and planet are suffering. Despite the promises made by nations around the world, we’re not delivering on the UN’s 17 SDGs. In fact, the latest reports show that progress is slow and in some cases even reversed. The problem is not lack of technology or knowhow. The problem is predominantly a lack of funding. Both governments and the private sector are struggling to find the money to help realize the SDGs, so what can we do to help?

The solution

We need innovative business models that enable positive impact through everyday actions - like booking a hotel. Every time you make a booking on Goodwings, you’re directly contributing towards creating a more sustainable future. This is because we redirect the money that could be spent on mass marketing towards projects and people who are actively working towards the SDGs. It’s easy, efficient and ethical. Why book anywhere else?

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