The birth of Goodwings

October 2015

Christian and Christian, the founders, start Goodwings with a vision of making the hotel industry a driving force for sustainable change - one hotel stay at a time.

Important partnerships

April 2016

Goodwings commits to working with 12 NGO partners, each of them working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Founding partners

April 2016

A total of 50 companies endorse Goodwings, helping us create a reality where we can travel the world better.

Big things happen

June 2016

Kim, our CTO, joins us. Together with a talented tech team, they begin to build the Goodwings platform from scratch.

Connecting with hotels

September 2016

Goodwings establishes a partnership with the global hotel provider Expedia, which gives access to 365,000 hotels all over the world.

Goodwings is live

November 2016

Our platform goes live, and donations to our NGO partners start rolling in. Vice Media makes the first booking on 2,806 DKK, which converts into a donation on 126 DKK to the Danish Cancer Society.

Sailing for the Global Goals

June 2017

To promote the Global Goals, Goodwings invites 150 business leaders and their families to a fantastic sail event at Skovshoved Havn.

First bigger donation

August 2017

The architect group BIG receives the first Goodwings Impact Report for making a significant NGO donation. Their donation went towards supporting the homeless in Denmark.

200 clients on board

October 2017

Goodwings reaches an important milestone by establishing connections with 200 clients - all of whom have chosen to travel the world better, simply by choosing Goodwings.