Together we can move the world

Partner Manager
Christoffer Obel

Bucket list: I have for a long time wanted to see the beauties New Zealand has to offer. Milford Sound, Waitomo Caves and most importantly the Rolling Hills near Matamata. But after this, I wouldn’t mind having a snow fight with the deep powder Japan has to offer.

Global goal: #15 12 Life on land. I have traveled in Africa and seen the beauties that animals offer this world. They are equally as much part of it as we are, and it grieves me, that weekly updates inform us of a shortage in natural habitats. If we proceed as we do now, our favorite animals will not be with us for long.

Head of Engagement
Louis Bøgsted

Bucket list: The number one destination on my travel bucket list has to be to explore the nature and cultural riches of Mexico. I have always been fascinated by the Mayan cultural heritage, which is why having the opportunity to experience the Mayan temple pyramid “El Castillo” in Chichen Itza would be among my top priorities.

Global goal: #14 14 Life below water. It’s the SDG I think about the most. It worries me that we find microplastic in tap water around the world and that we are not aware of the exact consequences of drinking plastic polluted water.

Carsten Vejre

Bucket list: New Zealand is the dream, and because the world has become even smaller, my dream is now achievable. But why New Zealand? Because they all talk about it - the nature, the population, the relaxed way of living.

Global goal: #2 2 Zero Hunger. It is and always has been a human right to have enough to survive. It is heartbreaking to see people suffering from hunger - and on the other hand to see their faces when helping them.

Experience Manager
Tobias Jacobsen

Bucket list: The dream is to take a road trip through Africa. Start in Morocco and drive all the way down to South Africa.

Global goal: #3 3 Good health and well-being. More specific, the problem that many people around the world do not have access to essential medicines, due to high prices and lack of efficient distribution systems.

Chief Business Development Officer
Hans Henrik Obel

Bucket list: I have already been fortunate to see and experience many extraordinary places in the world, but never really been tempted by cold places until recently. The North and South Pole are what make up my current bucket list. I also dream of traveling the Silk road to explore both nature and the cultural diversity along the way.

Global goal: #17 17 Partnerships for the goals. #17 Partnerships for the goals. If we want to deliver on the 2030 Agenda, collaboration is crucial. Only by working towards the goals together, as one united force, can we hope to achieve the Goal 17 targets.

Partnerships Manager
Julia Herbst

Bucket list: Hawaii! My wish is to hike the challenging Kalalau Trail, learn to surf at Oahu’s Waikiki Beach, visit volcanic craters, tropical forests, and jungle waterfalls.

Global goal: #2 2 Zero Hunger. We have to step up the fight against hunger by rethinking how we grow, share and consume our food. A world with Zero Hunger is possible and I believe that it’s an important part of building a better future for everyone.

Senior Communications Manager
Lara Mulady

Bucket list: I’m a sucker for Arizona and Scotland, but if I had all the time and money in the world, I’d probably visit every national park in the US. They really are America’s best idea and, given the current political climate, places that should be seen before it’s too late.

Global goal: #12 12 Responsible consumption and production. Do more and better with less - something that we can all get behind. Recycle, save water, sort waste, buy only what we need: if we all did this, the benefits to the planet would be exponential.

Engagement Manager
Mikkel Guldborg Truelsen

Bucket list: The Galapagos Islands, because it has always been a dream of mine to experience the unique environment and wildlife.

Global goal: #13 13 Climate action. The climate is essential for most things here on the Earth, and if we don’t take care of it better, it can have big consequences. It does not only affect humans - it affects everything living on our planet.

Partnerships Manager
Elizabeth Petit

Bucket list: I’ve never gotten the opportunity to travel through my home country, Venezuela. I’d love to see the Amazon and Angel Falls (one of the Seven Wonders of the World), the sand dunes in Coro, the snow-capped mountains in Mérida, and the amazing Caribbean beaches.

Global goal: #12 12 Responsible consumption and production. We need to become more mindful of how we consume, and push companies to produce more sustainably. Right now, we’re wasting too many of our planet’s resources on things we don’t need, and that has to change.

Frontend Ninja
Mikkel Wied Frederiksen

Bucket list: My next trip goes to the ultimate comeback city, Belgrade, which should be the perfect mix of Berlin and New York.

Global goal: #9 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure. I believe the technological development is the key to solve many of the economical and environmental challenges we face today.

Founder and CEO
Christian Møller-Holst

Bucket list: South America. My father traveled there a lot when I was a child, and he told me many great stories from his trips.

Global goal: #13 13 Climate action. Nature is the foundation for everything and it gives us so many wonderful experiences - yet we’re unfortunately in full swing of ruining it.

Head of Partnerships
Clara Amalie Bendix

Bucket list: I have many amazing places on my bucket list. But, if I have to choose a top 3 it has to be: New Zealand, Jordan, and Madagascar - all with their own breathtaking nature and fascinating cultural diversity.

Global goal: #17 17 Partnerships for the goals. I believe it is essential to ensure strategic cross-sector partnerships to create action and sustainable development. Goal 17 is the goals’ goal and collaboration is a prerequisite in achieving the whole 2030-agenda.

Chief Marketing Officer
Jan Møller

Bucket list: I’ve always dreamed about crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat. Although I’ve seen a great part of the world I am yet to explore Africa - especially the wildlife in South Africa. And Tahiti is definitely on my list.

Global goal: #7 7 Affordable and clean energy. From my passion of sailing and surfing I believe in and am fascinated by the power of sun, wind and waves for use in sustainable energy production and consumption.

Operations Assistant
Victoria Elgstrøm

Bucket list: I would like to go to Japan or New Zealand! I really want to experience the Japanese culture and their beautiful parks. I have also heard that New Zealand’s nature is amazing, so I really want to experience that too someday.

Global goal: #2 2 Zero Hunger. It is horrible that people are still starving - especially when we know how much food waste there is in the rest of the world.

Front End Developer
Sigita Alenskaite

Bucket list: I dream about visiting Bhutan, an old, buddhist kingdom in Himalaya. It would be absolutely amazing to experience a country with a such a mystical and spiritual atmosphere.

Global goal: #4 4 Quality education. I believe that education has a huge, positive impact on communities. It is important we work to promote lifelong learning for all children.

Full Stack Developer
Thor Christensen

Bucket list: For a long time, I have wanted to visit Iceland. I am intrigued by its many fascinating natural phenomenons. I most definitely have to chase the northern lights, explore volcanoes and try glacier hiking.

Global goal: #4 4 Quality education. I strongly believe we can help many children and youths in developing countries, if we focus on improving their opportunities for learning.

Art Director
Maria Terpager Nielsen

Bucket list: Visiting Tibet has always been a big dream of mine. One day, I want to wander in Himalaya, live in a monastery and learn to meditate.

Global goal: #1 1 No poverty. No children should grow up with limited access to food and clean drinking water. Everybody’s most basic human needs should be fulfilled.

Rasmus Brosbøl

Bucket list: Singapore would be the ultimate travel destination for me. I especially would like to experience Singapore Grand Prix, one of the most dramatic and evocative races.

Global goal: #13 13 Climate action. We have to act faster to put an end to climate change, which already has had way too many consequences worldwide.

Head of Operations
Bea Møller-Holst

Bucket list: Water has always had a magical attraction to me, and therefore, I would like to experience the Maldives with the blue ocean and unique underwater world. To experience this paradise with the incredible coral reef and the rich wildlife is placed in the top of my wishlist.

Global goal: #6 6 Clean water and sanitation. Every human should have access to clean drinking water and decent sanitarian conditions. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everybody. Therefore, it is important that we continue to fight for this Global Goal, as it has significant consequences for humans’ and animals’ existence.