Together we travel the world better

Goodwings is more than just a hotel booking site: we combine a love for travel with a passion for creating a more sustainable future. We give you access to more than 365,000 hotels all over the world at wholesale prices - saving you up to 20%. For every booking we donate at least a third of our commission to a charity of your choice. This makes it easy and free for you to support those who work towards securing a better future. In this way, we work together towards the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

We want to change the hotel industry for the better

Our vision is to turn the hotel industry into a driving force for positive change within the framework of the UNs Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Here’s how we’re going to achieve this

Our mission is to use our business model to create better conditions for humans, animals, and the environment in collaboration with NGOs and clients.

The business model

Our business model is built on strategic partnerships with a diverse group of charities who work to create a more sustainable future, and forward-thinking companies who recognise the importance of sustainable travel in creating shared value and their CSR reports. Instead of relying on mass media, our message is spread via social media and our charities. The money we save on marketing is given to these charities, who use it to fund their projects.

We’re not asking you to travel more or less: instead, we want you to travel the world better.