Take advantage of a new revenue opportunity

We enable charity and nonprofit organizations like yours to take advantage of business travel. Every time a company books a hotel on Goodwings, you receive at least a third of our booking commission

By connecting your organization with companies around the world, we help you to tap into a new revenue stream that can earn over $70,000 a year

Why partner with us?

We connect your cause with forward-thinking companies who recognize the importance of sustainable travel. They join Goodwings and for every single hotel they book, we give money directly to you. As a Goodwings partner you also get 50% off our pricing plans that give you access to exclusive wholesale rates on all our hotels

How can we do this?

We believe in business as a driving force for good. Rather than spending our booking commission on traditional advertising, we redirect it to causes that resonate with people and companies. This means we get to give our clients great savings while they support your organization with every booking

Who is Goodwings?

We’re a B Corp certified hotel booking site with a vision of turning the travel industry into a driving force for positive change. We give our clients access to 365,000+ hotels at wholesale prices, and enable them to support those who work towards securing a better future. This way, we work towards achieving the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development together

Our strategy has been to use our communication channels as well as emailing CEOs directly. This has been quite successful in bringing new clients to Goodwings, and more funding to us.
Hans Henrik Heming • Plastic Change

Ready to enjoy a recurring revenue stream?

Join our other charity, nonprofit and NGO partners taking advantage of this new fundraising opportunity today. Just enter your details below and we’ll be in touch soon

You apply to join our global network of charity partners and invest in a co-funded, long-term strategic marketing plan
We develop a marketing strategy and activities that will target companies likely to support your cause
Their business travel is your revenue: every time they book a hotel on Goodwings, we give money to you

Get to know the basics

Find answers to the most common questions below. To find out more just fill out the obligation free application form and we’ll be in touch soon

Does it cost anything to be a partner?

We co-fund the partnership. You only pay a small amount that goes towards creating the marketing strategy. This upfront cost is soon recovered by the recurring donations

What does it take to be a partner?

You need to be a registered charity, nonprofit or NGO and support one or more of the UN Global Goals

What kind of revenue can we expect in a year?

A $1,000 investment can turn into $7,000 in revenue over the course of the first year. After three years, this can grow to over $70,000

Is there any limit on how much revenue we can make?

Absolutely not

Will we be competing against other organizations for revenue?

No. Once a company has chosen your organization, all their contributions go directly to you

How much work do we have to do?

We create and manage the strategy and activities. We only ask that you help refine the campaign’s target group, and approve the messages we create

Does Goodwings offer the same hotels and prices as other sites?

We do. We offer exclusive membership prices and wholesale prices so in many cases we’re cheaper than other sites

Is the fundraising really recurring?

Yes. Thanks to a strong client retention rate and the repetitive pattern of business travel you can expect to see your revenue grow year-on-year

Is it only people from our own country that can support us?

No. Anyone can support any cause from anywhere