07 Sep 2018
A guide to 5 popular European cities

Traveling for business to either Copenhagen, London, Paris, Stockholm, or Berlin?
Here is a guide to the 5 cities, providing you with inspiration as to why you should stay a bit longer in the cities.

copenhagen (1)

Copenhagen - Scandinavian metropolis
Going to Copenhagen you will experience a Scandinavian metropolis with new businesses emerging every day. Copenhagen has everything. The Danish capital is known for being a food destination with high-quality restaurants such as Geranium, Kong Hans Kælder, and Kiin Kiin. The city is also known for being highly focused on sustainability and environmentally friendly measures, e.g. seen in the many bicycles, and in the many organic options in cafés and supermarkets. Besides being a modern city in development, Copenhagen also offers historical sights such as Nyhavn, Rosenborg Castle, Christiania, and The Little Mermaid.


London - multicultural shopping
London is so much more than the city’s landmarks Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye. The city is a well-known shopping destination with Harrods, Selfridges and Oxford Street offering everything from high-end stores to low-end shops. To experience a proper British atmosphere you can visit one of the many local pubs, where locals meet after work, to drink or eat. London has a multicultural society as many ethnicities have settled down in the city. This you will experience in the many languages you will hear on the streets, the many restaurants with cuisines from all around the world and the interest in other cultures seen in museums and art exhibitions.


Paris - historical romance
Walking around Paris you can tell why it is called the city of love. Beautiful architecture, iconic attractions, lots of high-end stores and amazing cuisine. The city’s atmosphere is very artistic due to the many museums, the city’s passion for fashion and the focus on good food. France has historically been the center of poetry, art, and good cuisine - these are words that many people still associate with Paris and adds to the belief of Paris being a romantic city.


Stockholm - modern and historical
Stockholm is the biggest of all the Scandinavian capitals. The city consists of 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. This characteristic combined with all the historical sights that the city offers, such as the area Old Town (Gamla Stan) and the many 18th-century buildings give Stockholm a very special atmosphere. Besides having an “old look” due to the beautiful buildings, Stockholm also offers what every modern capital offers. There are plenty of shopping opportunities combined with food from all over the world. Wanting to try some local food? Then you should definitely try the famous meatballs for dinner and a kanelbulle or kardemummabulle (cinnamon or cardamom buns) for dessert.


Berlin - more than just history
To many people, Berlin equals history as both World War 2 and the DDR have had major impacts on the city. People with an interest in history love the city. But Berlin is so much more than just the city’s past. Berlin has flourished into a city of culture, art, and a vibrant city life. You will find bars and small local stores everywhere in Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg. In Mitte, you find tons of museums and high-end stores along with several big shopping centers such as KaDeWe. Newcomers in Berlin describe the city as more innovative and more relaxed than cities such as Copenhagen and Stockholm.