05 Sep 2018
Bleisure - The biggest travel trend of 2018

One of the big travel trends at the moment is bleisure travel. A hybrid of business and leisure travel, where you extend your business trip to relax and enjoy time off work in new surroundings.

Recent years have seen a big growth in bleisure travels. Especially millennials see business travels as an opportunity to explore the world and travel to destinations they might not have the money or time to go to themselves. Bleisure travelers either stay at the hotel booked for their business trip or continue their stay at a different hotel such as a boutique or eco-hotel. Many get joined by partners or friends when the business travel turns into a leisure travel typically if the trip is close to a weekend or holiday.

3 tips for the perfect bleisure trip:

  1. Follow the rules - Your company might have a travel policy. Read it through to see what you are allowed to do and what not.
  2. Business first, pleasure afterward - Save the days of fun until after you have ended your work obligations. That way you can easier relax and maybe even travel to other destinations.
  3. Bring a friend - Traveling and exploring is more fun with someone to share the experiences with. Invite a friend, partner or family member along to enjoy the holiday with.

It is more appealing to extend a business trip if the destination has different experiences to offer such as attractions and sights, unique culinary experiences or maybe a different culture. At Goodwings we find Copenhagen, London, Paris, Stockholm, and Berlin perfect candidates for a bleisure trip. As these cities offer amazing sights, good food opportunities and have an interesting history.
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