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17 Apr 2019
Sharing savings with clients drives growth

Goodwings’ CEO and founder, Christian Møller-Holst was interviewed by, Denmark’s only forum for sustainable businesses with a dedicated focus on business-driven CSR.

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In their second year of operation, the social impact hotel booking platform Goodwings cracked the code to growth: offering a chance to create social impact alone was not doing the trick, their product had to make money for their customers as well. We will get back to how that works shortly.

“What this tells me is that despite our – the CSR community, social impact companies etc – narrative of how business has changed and is much more purpose-driven, the business of business is still business. The pursuit of profit is still the primary business logic and we should not forget that. Because only by keeping that in mind will we succeed in scaling and mainstreaming responsible business solutions,” says Christian Møller-Holst, CEO of Goodwings since 2017.