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Goodwings is a purpose-driven hotel booking site that makes it easy and free for you and your company to support La Ruta del Clima when you book hotels. We redirect at least a third of every booking commission to organizations like La Ruta del Clima, who use it to fund its projects. All at no extra cost to you. You just help us make the world a better place

Who we are

We look to empower the people to face climate change. Latin America is amongst the most affected regions by climate change and it must take actions today. We work to help people participate in climate actions and protect human rights with the right tools and information.

What you support

Our future is important. To have a say in climate change decision-making is a right. We put people in contact with experts so they can join the discussion and make climate actions their own. With your support, we engage with people in their own language with information on what is happening and why is it relevant for them to participate.

You support The Global Goals

In 2015, UN leaders adopted a set of 17 goals as part of a new sustainable development agenda, the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The goals all have specific targets to be achieved before 2030, such as eradicating hunger, poverty, and inequality, protecting the environment, and promoting peace. When you support La Ruta del Clima through Goodwings, you support one or more of the goals. See which ones here below.

13 Climate action
16 Peace, justice and strong institutions
17 Partnerships for the goals

Support La Ruta del Clima as a company

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