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Admin features

Find out how your dashboard works and what you can do with it, from adding a new user to downloading a finance report

Welcome to your dashboard

To get to your dashboard, just click on your name and company name at the top right of the screen. On your main dashboard you can see a clear overview of all your information - easily navigated by the menu on the left. If you want to edit anything or request a new password, just click on the ‘Your profile’ box.

Your account at a glance

Scroll down your dashboard to get an overview of your company’s account. You can see which charitable cause you support as well as the total donated so far. You can also use this page to click through to edit your company details, see all the user profiles connected to that account, and store payment cards for one-click payment.

Find your bookings

If you want to see your bookings, you can see recent ones on your dashboard or if you’re looking for older ones, just click on ‘Bookings’ in the menu.

Click the chevron on each booking and you can add the booking to your calendar, download the booking confirmation, download the receipt, book the hotel again or cancel the booking - all from the same place.

Need to add a new user?

To see all the users connected to the company account and to add a new user, just click on ‘Company users’. Here you can see an overview of existing users.

To add a new user, click on ‘Create a new profile’ button and enter their details. When you click ‘Create profile’, they’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get started on Goodwings. Easy!

Download all your transactions

If you need an overview of all your company’s transactions, just click on ‘Finance report’. This lets you download a CSV or Excel file of all company transactions, or transactions between certain dates. When you’re ready, just click ‘Download’ and you’ll receive your file. Simple as that!

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