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Booking flow

This guide will walk you through the booking flow on Goodwings, highlighting useful features and important elements that will make your search that much smoother

Starting your search

First of all, make sure you’re signed in! That’s the only way to see our exclusive wholesale rates. Once you’re signed in, type in a city, region, hotel name or even an address into the search field to start your search. Add your dates and how many people will be in the room (or rooms), and then hit the round search button.

Finding the right hotel

Once you’re on the results page you can move around the map on the right to find results in a particular area if you know where you want to be.

If you want, you can tick the checkbox on the map to keep searching while you move. You can also filter your results by price, stars and amenities, or sort by popularity, reviews, distance or lowest price. Use as many as you want to refine your search.

See more details

If you like the look of a hotel, just click on it to see all the details such as photos, location, reviews, amenities, check-in information, payment options and more. Hover over the icons close to the hotel’s name to get a quick idea of what amenities the hotel has.

If you really like the hotel, add it to your favorites by clicking on the star in the main image. You can see all available room types and any different pricing options here too. We always recommend paying online - it’s typically cheaper and makes check-in even faster.

Starting to book

Once you’ve chosen the room you like, you’ll be asked to enter your details. You can see a summary of your booking too, so you can make sure everything is correct.

Choose between business or leisure to make sure that none of your leisure bookings end up on your company’s expense report, and mind those yellow boxes! They’re there to make sure you see any important notifications.

Getting ready to pay

If there are any extra notifications from or about the hotel, they’ll show up in the box called ‘Check-in information’. You can also check the cancellation policy box to make sure if your room is refundable or not - always good to know!

If you’re booking for someone else, you’ll have to add their details. If you enter their email, we’ll send them a copy of the booking confirmation so you don’t have to. To pay, just click ‘Proceed to payment’.

Paying for your hotel

The next step is payment. The page is fully secure, and we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. All you have to do is enter your details or choose a card from your saved cards if you have any, and click ‘Pay’.

Confirmation details

Once your payment has gone through, you’ll see a confirmation screen. It’s quite long, but contains a lot of useful information such payment details, your reference number, our contact details and the total donation amount your booking has created.

Towards the bottom of the page you’ll find check-in instructions, as well as a map. You can also add the booking to your calendar, download the confirmation or receipt, book the same hotel again or cancel the booking. You’ll also receive an email with all the information, so no need to write it all down!

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